Pre-painted Wargaming Terrain Made in the U.S.A.

When we started Black Site Studios we had one simple idea, this has remained our sole mission.

To make amazing gaming terrain to enrich peoples playing experience.

Black Site Studios was originally started in 2015 as a custom terrain studio called Home Brewed Worlds

We had a moment of clarity when standing in a local gaming store looking over the multitude of games being played. They all had one thing in common….they were all being played on boxy unpainted MDF terrain. After talking with a ton of gamers, the number one thing they all said was that they loved terrain, but they didn’t want to paint it. And that’s when we had an idea. All of our products would come pre-painted.

We quickly got to work designing a ton of new and exciting products and went out and bought our first laser cutter- determined to bypass any crowd funding and just start shipping.
Since then our product line has grown to include hundreds of kits, all manufactured right here in Texas.

We all have backgrounds in design, engineering and general creative industries, and we knew we could provide the tabletop gaming market with something special. We love exploring new terrain concepts and spending time designing the various products you find here.

Since we started Black Site, we have been constantly supported by a loyal base of customers, collectors and fans. These people have been instrumental in building this business up from a garage, to a fully independent LLC.

Meet the Black Site Team


Connor has two things he loves to do, and two things only. Be very good looking, and punch things with his immense fists.

He has a background in film and engineering and often designs the stuff with moving parts. Connor didn’t have a background in tabletop gaming until he founded Black Site Studios with Ben, and since then hes been sucked into a world of tiny soldiers and numbered dice.

Fun Fact: Connor has never broken a single bone…so hes pretty sure at this point hes immortal.


Ben traveled all the way from Australia to America in hopes of a starting a business he had been aiming for since he was a boy. Sadly, fur trading isn’t as popular as it once was, and he fell back onto his trusty skills as a model painter and builder.

He started Homebrewed Worlds, and after a time of great success, eventually met Connor along the way. They convinced Ted to join them  and together they bought their first laser, formed Black Site Studio, and never looked back.

Fun Fact: Ben is obsessed with NASA and space related stuff, he’d strap a rocket to his body and shoot himself into orbit if he knew he wouldn’t die.


Ted brings the large majority of business and financial sense to Black Site Studio While Ben is designing the next range and Connor is tuning the lasers to optimal outputs, Ted is always watching the bank accounts and keeping the business powering forward in it’s balanced success.

While less involved with the specifics of wargaming, BSS would not exist without his constant contributions and sharp entrepreneurial sense and experience

Fun Fact: Ted is an avid football fan


We work with some amazing people. Artists, companies, designers and friends. Here you’ll find a few of them!