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Better living through MAGNETS!!!

By Adam Huenecke

What better way to upgrade your underground bunker than with some rare earth! The A.R.K. kits are already conveniently designed with holes for adding magnets, so this is an easy upgrade.

I used D42 magnets from K&J Magnetics on my A.R.K., which fit the holes on the kits perfectly.

Here is the quick and easy way to a modular A.R.K.

You’ll need:

2 magnets per A.R.K. connection gateway

2 different color permanent markers

A wooden or other non-ferrous tool (a paint brush handle or dowel works great)

Super Glue

Step 1: Make two stacks of magnets with alternating magnetic poles (think one with the ‘positive’ magnetic side up, and one with the ‘negative’ magnetic side up). Using your different colored markers, mark the end of each of these stacks to differentiate the axial poles (the direction the magnet is pulling). Now put them on opposite sides of your workspace so they don’t snap back together into one stack.

Step 2: Put a ring of superglue on the inside of the hole in your gateway, and plug your magnet into the hole.

Make sure that your magnets have consistent poles on each gateway piece (all left holes with negatives, all right holes with positives). This way, all of your pieces will match with one another and snap together nicely, giving you a nice (and strangely satisfying) modular vault.

You can use a wooden dowel or paint brush handle to adjust/flatten the magnets to make sure they are flush.

Step 3:

Let the glue dry thoroughly, and then assemble! If you’ve done it properly (and not mixed up any of the poles) you should have a nice, consistent method for keeping you’re A.R.K. together.

The magnets I used are powerful enough to hold all but the largest room pieces up to the degree that I don’t even need 2nd level supports for much of my A.R.K.! Plus, no fiddling with little clips that can wear out over time.

I can’t recommend magnetizing your A.R.K. highly enough! It makes for a great, modular set.


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