Pre-painted Wargaming Terrain Made in the U.S.A.
Welcome to the Black Friday info page! If you placed an order in this years sale then we cant thank you enough! Please make sure to re-read the FAQ and our holiday shipping information page if you didn’t catch that when placing your order. 

This is the single biggest sale we run yearly. While we love to give folks a good discount from time to time, this is the one time of the year you can really save big on a TON of our kits. We are also running free shipping (USA only) so folks can take advantage of as many deals as they like without doubling up on shipping costs!


Q: I’d like to buy something as a gift for Christmas for my husband, wife, boyfriend, dog, cat, etc!
A: We’d like to take this opportunity to CLEARLY state that if you place an order for our kits in this sale you will NOT be guaranteed a delivery by Christmas. We typically get swamped with orders and don’t want any folks to be upset. Orders are shipped on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Last year we tried out best to accommodated folks who didn’t read this information but still ordered anyways. This year we will not be rush shipping anything or doing any special fancy shipping voodoo for folks.

Q: Are your bundle deals included in the sale?
A: We have already marked these at their appropriate discount.

Q: Why did you release a new kit before my order was shipped??
A: We work our Black Friday orders into our production queue, but its important to understand that we don’t allow them to take over our entire production pipeline, its possible you may see new kits and release drop before your order is shipped, this is just part of the way we set things up around the holidays.

Q: What happens if I place multiple different orders?
A: We are reserving the right to bundle or split orders at our discretion. All orders will ship USA & worldwide via UPS and USPS. If you place multiple orders over the weekend, they may all ship at once, or may ship individually.

Q: One of my Items got refunded? Why?
A: In some cases we may decide to ship out an order and refund a backordered item or two. This is just to keep things moving out the door at a decent pace.

Q: I want to order enough MDF to build myself a full sized house.
A: We recommend that you don’t do that. It would smell like burnt toast constantly and it would probably collapse and kill you.

Q: When does this sale end?
A: We are planning to end this sale on Monday at 10am, but we are reserving the right to end it early. We will be monitoring the sales and making sure we can handle any production backlogs in a fair and appropriate timeframe.


While we know that a lot of you would wish that all our products go on sale, sometimes its not possible for us to discount everything. Anything that is on this list isn’t eligible for a discount. Please see the following list for products not included.

– Don’t Look Back Core Game & their expansions
– Trees and Scenic Items
– Any Contraband kits