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The sound of heavy footsteps moves closer and closer. You and your friends came here for some fun, but now you’re fighting for your lives…. 

Written by Matt Burns and published by Black Site Studios, Don’t Look Back is a solo or cooperative tabletop miniatures game where you create a cinematic experience in a world of suspense and terror. Players control four heroes against a randomly generated AI Killer on a 3×3 foot playing surface.

Designed to be played in under an hour, this simple 32 page tabletop experience is perfect to play with friends or family. Fans of horror cinema will love recreating their favorite cinematic gore-fests in this fast paced and easy to learn game.

The Core Game


All the components you need to start your own narrative horror adventure! 

– Don’t Look back full 32 page rules Booklet
– 6x Hero Miniatures 
– 1x Multipart Killer Miniature 
– Token Sheet
– 2x Light Tokens
– Dice

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The Expansions

Terrain Kits

Horror Miniatures

Game Upgrades

The Rules


Don’t Look Back is played over a number of turns that constitute a plot, or single game. Each turn consists of three phases. In the first phase the players roll for fright tokens that represent the sounds and things that go bump in the night. The fright tokens creep closer and closer, slowly driving the characters mad with terror and eventually conjuring The Killer from the shadows!

Once conjured, The Killer uses a simple A.I. system to hunt and attack the characters in the second phase, known as The Killer phase. Players will be able to randomly create a killer or choose an optional killer included in each plot scenario. The rules for The Killer give the players a chance to create some thrilling moments reminiscent of classic horror films. Using a randomly generated killer allows for great replay-ability of your favorite plots, creating new and interesting interactions with the characters as the struggle to overcome a new foe.

In the third and final phase, the players take control of the characters. Each turn the players can choose the order in which the characters activate to best utilize their individual skills, items, and weapons. This is where the players have the opportunity to work together or betray each other as they try and survive the worst night of their lives.

At the heart of Don’t Look Back is The Rule of Cinema. We urge you to get into the moments playing out on the tabletop to tell a story that is uniquely yours. Whether you play through a whole plot or only a few turns, we want you to have favorite moments that you and your friends talk about and are eager to relive again.


We have designed a series of amazing heroes for you to take control of, from the plucky cheerleader Alice to the annoying nerd Seth, each character has their own style, skills, and items that allow you to craft tactical outcomes all while guaranteeing that no two games will be the same.

We borrowed from our favorite horror films, stories, and comics to come up with characters that would feel at home in any 80s, 90s or 2000s brain splattering fright-fest. Designed by the team here at Black Site Studios and cast in resin in the USA by our expert contract caster, the Dont Look Back miniatures are 35mm tall and come in easy to assemble parts.

The Killers

The Killer in Don’t Look Back is fundamental to the horror and story of the cooperative experience. Despite being excellent miniatures in themselves, we have assembled a excellent range of killers that will help you craft the narrative. Cast in high quality resin, the basic Killer kit comes with a ton of different options from different heads to weapons and accessories. Designed to be highly customize-able, you can craft your own killer, or fit one to your favorite movie villain!

We also have designed two expansion packs which add new killers and visages to the game. “Attack of the Greys” is a spooky but comical ride through abductions and floppy alien bodies is our first killer expansion, and will be followed closely by “Death on the Line”, a dark twisted assault by Boxcar Willie.  

And obviously….The team here at Black Site Studios has PLENTY more expansions in the works for Don’t Look Back. There will be many more expansions to come.