B&B Nightmare



Welcome to our newest hit game, written by Matt Burns. We wrote this game in 2 hours as a marketing joke, it didnt get proofed or play tested at all. Shout out to the weird host that stuck NO SMOKING Signs on every single wall of his house and left a toenail in the guest bed. He did have a trampoline which was pretty sick though. This game is a joke and if you bought it, we’re going to use the money you gave us to buy some beers.

This is not a real physical book, just a digital download. We just wanted to make it look cool. And while everyone else is busy making meme content....Its actually a real playable game.

The document is 16 pages of fancy design and art skills. We did this as a joke, but its actually a fun little game.

The goal of the game is to fight your way through a vacation rental. The entire game of B&B Nightmare will take place inside the building you choose to use. The larger the building the longer it will take to move around and slay all the B&B Nightmares. Fight off enemies with your plucky Vacationers. Just make sure you're ready to slay monsters such as a "Toenail Demon" and the "Murder Basement Lamp"

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