The A.R.K Super Computer

SKU: HVN#1072


Scattered all over the United States in small towns and large cities, the A.R.K is part of PROJECT JUNIPER and was co-funded by the United States government and the TopVault™ Corporation. Designed to be constructed quickly and with minimal use of wartime materials, the A.R.K is the largest project of its kind in the world. What the inhabitants of TopVault’s A.R.K. didn’t know is that they were guinea pigs for a much larger and more sinister project…

Our A.R.K Kits all come pre-painted and ready to assemble, each kit is designed to work with all the other kits in the range. The modular design makes it easy to construct a massive vault complex with as much detail as you want!

In this kit you will receive

1x Supercomputer
1x Tall Server
2x Small Computers
2x Powersuit Racks (Designed by Adam Huenecke)

Other kits and miniatures are not included.

Colors may vary slightly from photos

This product is set to ship in early April. (although we're aiming to get it shipped earlier)

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