Breacher - Token Pack - LATE PREORDER

SKU: Breacher03

Breacher is a game of modern combat that takes place in the near future where private military contractors, called Breachers, are used to take care of quickly arising conflicts or more delicate situations where a nation’s forces cannot be seen. Breachers are often used in support of legitimate military operations or secured through private channels to take care of personal matters for important people who need things done quickly and quietly. While Breacher is designed to represent the familiar present and near future combat zones, players can just as easily have a cyborg Breacher engage with corporation thugs on a distant planetary frontier world!

The Operations and gameplay in Breacher pit a single or small group of well-trained and well-equipped mercenaries, called Breachers, against the more numerous and varied training levels of soldiers and personnel making up the opposition force or OPFOR for short. The gameplay allows for deadly gunfights and brutal melee combat against overwhelming odds.

This product includes
  • 2 Token Sheets with card punchout tokens
  • These contain all the tokens you will need to play Breacher. Versions of these tokens are also printed in the back of the core rulebook. 
This product is part of the Breacher pre-order event. Orders containing this item will not ship until fulfillment starts. For more information on when this item will be shipping, check the main Breacher page and scroll down to the FAQ.

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