Night Thirst - The Ancient One and Thrall



The Ancient One 

The Ancient One is as old as they are powerful, the beasts of legend and scary stories told around campfires. They’re imposing, stoic beings who have watched empires rise and fall. Keepers of stories and tradition, they are well-respected and feared by both Vampire society and S.T.A.K.E alike. 

The Thrall

Oh, and then there’s this guy- The Thrall. Ancient Ones tend to keep them as sort of a pet that can be snacked on at whim and sent to do everything from menial tasks to bringing home dinner.

This product includes
  • 1 Ancient One Vampire Miniature
  • 1 Thrall Miniature
  • This product is made from high quality resin

Please note that all product images are not final, some small changes may take place when product is manufactured. 

This product is part of the Night Thirst pre-order event. Orders containing this item will not ship until fulfillment starts. For more information on when this item will be shipping, check the main Night Thirst page and scroll down to the FAQ.

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