Demon Ship - Digital Alien Ship Terrain Pack



This is a 100% digital product. We do not offer refunds for digital goods. This is not a physical product.

In this digital pack, you will receive 

- The Demonship STL pack - Designed for resin printers. 
- Rules for the game are not included. 

This set includes all the items to cover the core terrain needed to play
1x 1by3
1x 1by2
1x 1by1
1x 2by2 platform
1x switch/console
1x door
1x barrel
1x Base platform (the base is divided into 3x3 sections)

[NOTE] We have added holes for magnets in this file, they should work with the MDF and original STL sets but in some cases may show some gaps due to the organic shapes.

STL pack will come with supported and unsupported files. For terrain items like this, we strongly recommend that folks support items themselves. In some cases, you will need to print multiples of some items to cover the components needed for the game. This set is not designed for FDM printing.

We do not refund any purchases containing digital products. All sales are final. 

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