Demon Van

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It’s early in the morning, but not quite early enough as you hastily jump behind the wheel of your trusty rented minivan. Any other convention vendor would resign themselves to being late for the day, but you’re no ordinary convention vendor… and neither are your five other equally tardy coworkers that pile into the back of the van. The doors slam shut. The seatbelts go on. Your foot stomps the gas. Someone else passes gas. And the DEMON VAN speeds down the road, carrying your hopes and dreams of arriving on time in the balance.

Welcome to our newest hit game, written by Corey Sullivan and inspired by Malev's new game DemonShip. 

This game is a marketing joke, it didnt get proofed or play tested at all. But you CAN play it.

This is not a real physical book ITS LITERALLY 3 PAGES lol. 

This is  just a digital download. We just wanted to make it look cool and feel cool and special. And while everyone else is busy making meme content....Its actually a real playable game.

The document is 3 pages of fun. 

Connor needs to use turn signals more when he's driving his minivan around Chicago. 

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