Demonship - Digital Launch Bundle



This is a 100% digital product. We do not offer refunds for digital goods. 

Grab your blaster and battle axe and stomp into the depths of the Demon Ship.

A solo micro tabletop game written by Malev! You are the Survivor, the last remaining crew member on a Spaceship caught in an interdimensional portal. Demonic creatures now prowl every corner of the ship, threatening to stop you from escaping, but that’s handy for you because you are awesome and those Demons invaded the wrong vessel.

Can you restore power to the ship, engage the emergency protocols(and the self-destruct sequence) and escape before it all goes to hell? Demon Ship is an approachable, fast-paced micro game that takes up minimal time and space. Using unique mechanics, basic d6’s and a handful of miniatures, this game challenges players to use their wits and a fair bit of luck to blast their way out of the doomed Demon Ship.

In this starter box, you will receive 

- The 40 page Demonship rule book PDF
- 1 survivor miniature STL
- 1 Blade Demon STL
- 1 Gun Demon  STL
- 1 Frog Demon  STL
-  Digital Terrain Pack

STL miniatures will come pre-supported. 

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