Don't Look Back - NEW Edition Card Upgrades



This is an Upgrade Set for Don’t Look Back.

[NOTE] You do not need to purchase this card back if you have bought any Tier I, Tier II or the core character or killer VHS packs. This pack is simply for folks who may only want the new style cards to use with their original edition.

Within this product, you will find all the updated cards for both Killers and Characters for Don’t Look Back 2nd edition. This set is intended for players who have the 1st edition of the game and will be available for a LIMITED TIME. 

This includes 6 original Character cards, 28 Item cards, 5 original Visage cards, 6 M.O. cards, and 11 Trait cards needed to play your games of Don’t Look Back.

[PREORDER NOTICE] This product is part of the new Don't Look Back Revised edition launch! This product will not be shipping until later this year. Please read the main DLB page for any projected launch and shipping date info. 

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