Don't Look Back - Starter Bundle



Welcome to Don’t Look Back! A tabletop miniatures game of 1980s horror!

Whats in the core rulebook?

  • Revised mechanics and more clarity. This edition of Don’t Look Back is focused on making sure that the rules and mechanics for the game are as clear and easy to understand as possible. We have also spent a lot of time with the layout to make sure that information is presented in a clearer and more thematic way! 
  • New Characters. We've got the same 6 OG characters from the original game, joined by 2 brand-new ones. Don't want to use these? The book has rules to make your own too!
  • Plot Creation In addition to the five classic, core Plots, players will be able to randomly generate their own plots. 
  • Vehicles and Companions Players will also find optional, advanced rules to add vehicles to their games of Don’t Look Back.  Characters will now also be able to bring along Companions to Plots. Doing this prevents the Character from searching for additional items but can give them bonuses to skills and a special ability activated with Character Luck. 
  • Antagonist Mode Want to play as the killer and kill your friends? Now you can! 
  • Player driven games The rulebook also contains rules to have a player be "The Director" and control the game (Think of it as a GM)
  • Previous Expansions All of the rules from Trilogies, Final Call, and Pack Hunt have been integrated into the new second-edition book as Advanced Rules. All of these rules have been revisited to enhance clarity and bring them in line with any changes to the core rules. 
  • Cards and reference Inside the book you'll also find all the cards and reference materials to cover the core characters and killer types. 

 This bundle contains:

  • The DLB full hardback rule book
  • Core Character VHS pack
  • Core Killer VHS pack
  • Token sheet

What you need to play a game of DLB
In addition, you need the following items. 

  • D20, D10 and D6 dice.
  • A 3x3 playing area with an assortment of terrain (Check out our MDF terrain here)
  • Something to measure with. 

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