This is not a Test - Downwinder Mutant Warband

SKU: WEP-30002


Mutants are an uncommon, if not unwelcome, sight among the majority human survivor communities of the Tri-State Wasteland. Minor mutations are quite numerous and account for the majority of mutant-kind. But some mutants cannot easily hide their mutations and so chose to live apart from most humans.

This set represents a full mutant warband of eight models ready to head out into the wastes. It can be used to represent the Downwinder mutants, who tend to be civilized and will trade with other wasteland communities, or the more feral Outcasts, mutants who prey on the weak and civilized. These metal miniatures are easy to assemble and quick to get on the table.  Each Downwinder Mutant is between 25-28mm to the eyes. Sculpted by James Van Schaik.

Package Contents (8 metal miniatures)

  • 1x male mutant with weapon growths
  • 1x male mutant emissary with submachine gun
  • 1x female omega mutant with relic pistol and sword
  • 1x male mutant with sign post weapon
  • 1x wolfman mutant with shotgun
  • 1x female mutant with shotgun
  • 1x female mutant with assault rifle
  • 1x male mutant gunner with light machine gun
  • 1x mutant gunner sprue (ammo belt, knife hand, and gun barrel)
  • 8x bases

The 28mm Old Downwinder Mutant Warband are ideal miniatures for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or fantasy wargames. Copyright 2018 World’s End Publishing.

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