French Townhouse B

SKU: WAR#8001


Setting the stage for some bitter house-to-house fighting in many different cities all over western Europe, these terrace houses are perfect to represent the countless small villages scattered throughout the countryside. They are designed to be used individually or lined up in rows to form larger built-up areas.

This building comes with removable floors, stairs, optional signage and working doors. It also has blank open floors for easy positioning of larger units…We have packed this building full of awesome details and add-ons!

This is a 28mm 1:56th scale building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! This is perfect for games such as Bolt Action, Chain of Command and many other 28mm game systems.

This building is approximately 5x6x8"

28mm miniatures and other kits are shown for scale purposes only. Some colors may vary slightly from photos.


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