Gourd Reaper IV - Deep Roots



October 1966. A lone spirit had wandered far from the Northwoods’ Heart of Darkness. If it didn’t find something humanoid to inhabit soon, it would be pulled back across The Veil. Slowly, its power drained as if it were slowly bleeding to death. 

At long last, the spirit came across an old farm. The buildings littering the property were overgrown and neglected but there in the middle of an untended cornfield stood a newly constructed scarecrow. Its sullen pumpkin head mocked the spirit with its blackening, single-tooth grin. As the spirit joined with the scarecrow, it could feel its power returning. Life began flowing back into the pumpkin and straw-stuffed body the spirit now inhabited.

 After a few moments, with renewed strength, it drifted out onto the gravel road in front of the farm, only to be met by a scattering of humans of all ages, inhabiting costumes. It was All Hallows Eve and for a very brief time, the future Gourd Reaper knew peace and happiness, it had escaped. But that wouldn’t last. Kids can be so cruel.

Don't Look Back - The Gourd Reaper IV 

- 1  Gourd Reaper 
- 1  Gourd Reaper character card
- 1 Item Card

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