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Hidden high in the mountains, surrounded by thick fog lies the School of Elements. Only recently formed, this school prepares gifted students to easily manipulate the natural forces surrounding them. Graduates are rumored to have mastered powerful abilities, rivaling those of the other schools.

In all things exists a potent and powerful energy. Very few students find themselves attuned to that energy, but those that do are immediately trained in the ways of the Sora. Taught to harness the limitless possibilities of the creative potential that lies dormant in all things, Sora are powerful allies. Relying more on connection with their surroundings rather than strict observation often makes them easy targets, as they must spend precious time focusing their energy. Once they do however, they are rumored to have inhuman abilities.

Like wind to a hungry flame, Hikaze are fueled by the thought of battle. Short tempered and short sighted, Hikaze are proficient in the manipulation of fire and air. Their ability to light enemies ablaze and stir up monstrous gales make them a fearsome opponent on the battlefield. 

Tsuchimizu are stout martial artists who have trained to harness the powers of earth and water, and have derived their fighting style from the attributes of those elements. With the ability to move the earth as they see fit, combined with fluid attacks that splash through enemy defenses, the Tsuchimizu are built for combat. 


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Scale Info: These miniatures are 32mm scaled from the feet to the top of the head. They are best printed on a resin printer. It can be easily scaled up or down depending on your game system. 


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