Hametsu - School of Stealth - DIGITAL STL



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Striking an enemy down before they have a chance to react is a valuable combat asset. The School of Stealth trains its initiates to slink through the shadows and strike when the time best serves them. They specialize in removing enemies quietly, efficiently, and with patient discipline. Famous for producing some of the most notorious assassins throughout history, the School of Stealth has proven itself a master of combat. With the Cataclysm sending waves of Oni across the land, however, it finds itself training to fight a new enemy. New tactics, new strategies, and new weapons are introduced to initiates daily so that they may be well equipped to cut down their demonic foes.


Files will be delivered by email after purchase, or you can log in and download them directly from the site. 

Scale Info: These miniatures are 32mm scaled from the feet to the top of the head. They are best printed on a resin printer. It can be easily scaled up or down depending on your game system. 


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