Hametsu - The Wolf and the Devil Campaign Miniatures



“As I stood atop the hill, overlooking the once-great city of Kishimizu, my heart sank. The sky was darkened by thick smoke rising from burning buildings, and the howls of demons echoed throughout the streets. I had lived through many battles, but nothing had prepared me for the destruction I was witnessing. It was the end of the world. As I watched, a sense of sadness and despair washed over me. I knew that the world as I knew it was coming to an end, and I could only pray that somehow, somewhere, a new beginning would emerge from the ashes. I will return someday, and set this right.” - The Witness

In this pack of 32mm scale resin minis you will receive:

  • 1x Spectral Wolf Miniature with 60mm Base
  • 1x Devil with 32mm Base

These miniatures are designed to represent aspects of the Wolf and the Devil campaign found in the core rule book of Hametsu. 


Hametsu is a solo / co-op monster hunting game set in post-apocalyptic feudal Japan. You take on the role of Hunters, warriors trained to fight back against a tide of Oni demons and mythical creatures let loose by The Cataclysm. You will choose from nine distinct classes, spread across three different schools, and create interesting and powerful Hunters.

Once your Hunters are ready it's time to head out in search of dangerous beasts. At the start of a game of Hametsu, you will have the element of surprise. Oni wander around the table, and are unaware of the Hunters’ presence. Once the alarm is raised, the Hunters will be pursued and targeted by the Oni until the Boss is found. Once it shows itself, it's up to you to bring it down!

As you complete hunts and lead your Hunters down their class specific Path of Legend, you will level up, gain new abilities and equip ancient artifacts.

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