Hive Construct Cage Fight

SKU: NEC#6010


Once constructed to play the noble sport of grapple ball, this arena is now home to the art of vicious pit fighting. Gangers from all over the underhive battle to the death to see who is the strongest fighter of them all. Bones and bloody remains is a common sight in this iconic arena.

This kit is designed to break down into separate sections and parts for easy storage and travel. When assembled this kit clocks in at a MASSIVE 27" wide. It also comes with 3x small bridge/ladders and features flip over saw traps (for those pesky gangers you cant beat by hand)

This HUGE kit is perfect to fight out those pit fights in games such as Necromunda. This product is fully compatible with our existing Hive Construct range. We consider this a intermediate-advanced kit to assemble.





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