Lunar - Indian Space Research Organisation



The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has landed! While their boots are a bit late on the ground, the Indian government has spent the better part of the last decade flooding the Moon's (lack of) atmosphere with an advanced network of satellites providing a backbone of communication and positioning technology that other nations rent for a high price. 

ISRO Items
GALAN Satellite Uplink System
ISRO Vyomanauts equipped with this system are privy to the latest data on many things on the Lunar surface, including potential enemy's positions. Using this data, they can squeeze out advantages and make sure their shots land while also avoiding any major surprises. 

This product will include the following components

- 5 ISRO Vyomanaut bodies
- 5 ISRO Vyomanaut legs
- Lunar Core weapon and item sprues
12 ISRO Crew and item cards (New ISRO faction item)

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