Karla Reyes-Proust - County Road Z Hero



Introducing the official County Road Z Miniatures range. County Road Z is a tabletop  game written by Earthbound Games. Challenge yourself with rural survival and community building in the zombie apocalypse. For solo and cooperative play, with enemies that respond to every move the player makes. Keep your survivors happy and fed, but make too much noise and the horde will come to your door.

Karla was training for the olympics in archery. She's Mexican-American and has shoulder length dark hair. She moved north late in life and is always cold, so she wears long sleeve shirts almost exclusively. She also studied nutrition and is often the camp's cook.

In this product you will recieve the following 32mm miniatures

  • 1 Karla miniature. (quiver is a separate part)
  • 1 25mm base 

These miniatures are 35mm scaled from the feet to the top of the head (32mm to the eyes and they scale with our 35mm minis).  They are made from high quality 3d Printed resin and may come unassembled. These miniatures come unpainted. 

Please read our FAQ for any questions about your purchase. Please note that these miniatures will require some assembly/cleanup. We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting miniatures.

Sculpted by Steve May
Painted by Malev

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