Low Gravity Astronaut Upgrade Kit - ROC



Earth’s first colonies have arrived and are fighting each other for precious resources and ultimately, survival. You’re thousands of miles away from Earth with orders to protect the most vital assets of your homeland’s colony. Will you take hold on The Moon or drift off into the void?

Lunar is a brutal 32mm skirmish game set during humanity’s battle for lunar superiority. Choose from a variety of factions including the USA, USSR, Republic of China and more.

This upgrade product will include the following components

- 5 Multipart Low Gravity ROC Astronauts
This kit comes with
5 Helmetless torsos
5 low gravity legs.
1 Head sprue.

They are fully compatible with all the other LUNAR multipart kits.
This set does NOT come with weapon or item sprues.

Please read our FAQ for any questions about your purchase. Please note that these miniatures will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues. We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting miniatures.

Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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