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Who are the Commonwealth in Lunar?
The Commonwealth is a voluntary group of countries that have banded together in order to foster policies and promote good practices of trade and governance. In Lunar, The Commonwealth has struck a deal with one of their members, India, in which India sets aside limited cargo and crew space on their rockets in order to allow individuals from the Commonwealth to make their way to the Moon and help fulfill humanity's new mission of exploration on the Lunar surface. 

Using the Commonwealth in Lunar
The Commonwealth are the most flexible and unique faction in Lunar. Instead of a single pack of five miniatures, the Commonwealth packs can be mixed and matched with more freedom. Depending on the country, the packs may come with a mix of Commander, Specialist, and Generalist cards. Combined with their unique item, the Commonwealth Intergovernmental Service Agreement, commonwealth units may join other Lunar factions as generalists and help round out their crews. 

Each Commander or Specialist comes with a unique set of skills as well, so a combat specialist from the UK will have different special abilities than one from Samoa.

A great addition to the 2 Player Starter Box, the Commonwealth bring more to the table than just another faction. 


  • 1 Astronaut
  • 32mm bases are included
  •  1x Mission Specialist, 1x Generalist, 1x Commonwealth Intergovernmental Service Agreement Contract.

Scale Info: These miniatures are 32mm in scale. They are scaled to fit with the rest of our Lunar range of astronauts. 

Note: Unlike our regular Lunar range. This miniature is not multipart. It's supplied as a single piece miniature. 



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