Lunar Heroes and Icons Volume 2


  • Sigmund Jager, A former state security agent, Sigmund is a specialist in infiltration and armed combat. He is equipped with a prototype East German space suit. Originally released along side the RS1 expansion. 
  • Helmut Weber, An West German mechanical expert. Helmut is a free agent that can be used to enhance your unmanned inventory! Originally released along side the RS1 expansion.
  • The Litton Man, (Originally included as the bonus pre-order miniature when Lunar was first released) An American prospector from Texas, this man is highly armored and armed, but watch out for his incredibly slow movement.

      [NOTE] Sigmund Jager and Helmut Weber were originally released with the RS1 expansion. In order to use those 2 heroes with their special rules, you will need the item cards from RS1.

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