Mediation Inc. Breacher - Preorder

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Mediation Inc. is exactly the opposite of CORE. Breachers in Mediation Inc. prefer to use stealth and pride themselves on not making their presence known. Because of this, Mediation Inc. Breachers are sought out to take Operations relating to corporate or political assassination and infiltration missions. Mediation Inc. is also known for its adept skills within the consultation world, making sure that a country or corporation’s manpower is utilized to its maximum efficiency. Mediation Inc. has a majority female membership. While still a smaller sub-agency than Tungsten, Mediation Inc. keeps its number a secret and members do not often talk about their connection to the sub-agency. Only some TBP executives know their true numbers.   

This product includes

  • 1 Mediation Inc. Breacher miniature (base supplied)
  • This product is made from high quality resin
This product is part of the Breacher pre-order event. Orders containing this item will not ship until fulfillment starts. For more information on when this item will be shipping, check the main Breacher page and scroll down to the FAQ.

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