Momma Luna's Pizza



Momma Luna is a killer/ character expansion for DLB and lets the players take on the role  of Momma Luna, an elderly lady that has resided in Northwood for generations. Momma Luna also happens to be a lycanthrope! In this expansion players will find the first double sided character and rules for Momma Luna to change form from a strong willed elderly woman to a face shredding werewolf as she faces off against the Dark Circle Pack Leader. Players will find a new character, Killer Visage (Lycanthrope), 1 new Environment card, 1 new Item card, and 1 new Weapon card, along with 1 new plot. If you are a fan of movies like Teen Wolf, Silver Bullet, and Dog Soldiers then this is the expansion for you!

This expansion contains the following items
- 3 Resin miniatures
- 2 New Item cards
- 1 New Environment card
- VHS case packaging

Please note that this miniature will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues.  We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting resin miniatures.

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