Pit Lord - Linzara the Cyclops



It is not unheard of for some Combatants to make a life of fighting daily in the Pits. Linzara 'The Cyclops' is such a Combatant. The rules of the Pits are not written anywhere, and there is nothing that suggest that the Combatants must outright challenge the Pit Lord when their trials are complete, but this is often the last mistake that fresh Combatants make. Lovingly referred to as 'The Cyclops' ever since she lost one from a strike to a Clawfoot's tail stinger. She used the very same stinger to impale the beast in the same combat. Linzara is content to enter the Pits each day, emerging from her hideout deep in the decrepit depths of the pit Tunnels. From here she makes short work of the Enemies that emerge and puts on a fine show for the people of the MEGOPOLIS. After her three challenges are complete, she opts not to attempt the fourth and instead disappears back into the Tunnels only to emerge the next day. Deep within depths of the Pit Tunnels thrives a secret city where only the most brutal survive. This is the Place Linzara calls home.

In this pack you will receive 
- 1 Resin printed Linzara miniature
- 1 Base
- Fun rules to use her in your games of Pit Lord!

PIT LORD! Gladiatorial combat on a brutal alien planet set against a Cosmic space fantasy backdrop where anything is possible. The second solo game in the "Malev Microverse"! In Pit Lord, you are the COMBATANT! A peerless warrior hailing from an alien culture that has been conquered and absorbed by the MEGALITHIC MEGOPOLIS, a massive arcane living city that crawls the surface of BATÜL PLANET, scouring and consuming everything in it's path. You have been thrust into the fighting Pits to be entertainment for the masses, thought to be nothing but fodder but you are filled with nothing but red hot vengeance and determination to crush their foes, see them driven before you, and to slay the Pit Lord and tear down the MEGOPOLIS from within.

To face the Pit Lord you must complete three challenges and be judged by the crowd. Pass trials, slay your enemies with your bare fists or a deadly assortment of weapons, smash them into traps or off the arena floor to their doom and win the hearts of the creatures and people watching. Only then may you challenge the Pit Lord herself.

Pit Lord builds off the mechanics introduced in Demon Ship and turns them on their head, and up to 11. Roll you Balance Dice, they program your enemies unpredictably, while giving you choice with your movements. Use clever positioning to gain damage bonuses with weapons represented by a deck of over 45 attack pattern cards to slash your way through 12 Pit Arenas all designed to end your journey. Do you think you have what it takes? There is no choice, only combat. Fight!

Special Note! - This type of retro toy packaging is new for us. While we have done our very best to pre-plan and map out any potential issues, this IS more experimental than our normal packaging. These are made at our facility here in Texas and not mass-produced in a factory, so expect some variances. 

[Fulfillment Update: Pit Lord fulfillment has been delayed. We are currently on track to ship out all initial pre-orders in March, if you have any questions about your pre-order. Please don't hesitate to reach out!]

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