Plymouth Jet Shuttle

SKU: STL0046


This Product is 100% digital and will be delivered as digital downloadable files upon purchase.

A common sight flying through the skies of Zaibatsu, these shuttles are used by CEOs and common workers alike.

In this product you will receive the following digital stls (miniature shown for scale only) We designed this file to be printed on a resin printer.
- 1x Shuttle consisting of 4 main parts

Its possible that you may need to sand/trim some of the connection points between the main body and the cabin. Depending on how you print this (FDM vs Resin)

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- By purchasing this product the User agrees to print this file for personal use and not for any commercial purposes, you may not transfer the file to any 3rd party printing company 

-Do not Share this file after purchase

-Do not resell prints of this product

This product is 100% digital and will be delivered as stl files, we will not refund any purchases containing these items.

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