Spectre Miniatures - Agent Crisis Response Squad

SKU: Spectre25


These Agents have been activated in response to some kind of local or national crisis and are expected to work independently or in concert with local LE or Military to face a myriad of potential threats. Each member is a highly trained combat veteran, with experience in covert operations in highly volatile environments and are suitably equipped. The squad carries a variety of Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, DMR and LMG, which allows them to counter any threat they may realistically encounter. A small quadcopter drone is carried by one operator to aid in situational awareness in environments where other surveillance or satellite support may not be available. Each operator carries a range of communication devices and survival kit for extended mission duration. Covert body armour is worn but otherwise civilian clothing is worn to give a non-combat profile at a distance.

These models can be used to represent a fictional branch of a Government Organisation, or other Agency Members. They could also be used to represent civilian clothed SOF, Intelligence or Law Enforcement operators working in a mentor or covert role in an urban environment.

We are so thrilled to offer the full range of miniatures by our friends at Spectre Miniatures. 

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