Spectre Miniatures - Insurgent Fighter Element

SKU: Spectre07


This Element can be used to represent Insurgent fighters that have access to body armour and captured, or otherwise acquired 'modern' firearms.  

The bulk of the fighters carry either modernized AK74 rifles, with optics (which could be genuine, or cheap imitations, or a VHS-2 rifle, which although looks like an unlikely weapon to find in the hands of an insurgent, over 100,000 of the rifle were provided to the Iraqi army - making their circulation in the hands of non-state actors inevitable.

For support, the machine gunner carries an M240, likely from a captured stockpile. The grenadier carries a Chinese manufactured RPG-7 (indefinable by the fluted wooden furniture)

We are so thrilled to offer the full range of miniatures by our friends at Spectre Miniatures. 

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