Spectre Miniatures - Local Forces Support Squad

SKU: Spectre24


This Squad is equipped for prolonged engagements and long patrols. They carry day packs loaded with mission essentials, plate carriers with some added fragmentation protection and plenty of additional magazines.

Each member of this squad is a formidable force multiplier. As we have recently seen, the proliferation of ATGM in man packable platforms can significantly even the odds against an armoured opponent. These come in the form of the AT4, for lighter armour and the now iconic NLAW for defeating most other threats.
To counter Infantry formations the squad also includes an RPK cambered in 7.62 and a PKM. To top off the wild equipment, the marksman carries a suppressed M82 .50 Cal with a thermal attachment to his optic, leaving very few places for his targets to hide.

We are so thrilled to offer the full range of miniatures by our friends at Spectre Miniatures. 

This product is shipped directly from our warehouse in Waco TX.


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