Subway Car

SKU: COM#2405


In service since 1973, the Classic M2a Subway car was constructed in Japan by Mishima Electric. Initially riddled with faults and safety defects, thanks to some hefty bribes they've gone on to be one of the longest serving train cars still operating today.

This is a 28-32mm scale building kit. This subway car comes with removable roof, removable seats and working doors. It also has magnetized wheel bases that allow you to position it on our elevated subway track! It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use!. This is perfect for games such as Batman the miniatures game.

This kit is approximately 8.5x3x3.5"

28mm miniatures and other kits are shown for scale purposes only. Please note that this is an advanced lvl kit. Some colors may vary slightly from photos.


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