Sweet Tooth - VHS Expansion



Unleash the horror of "Sweet Tooth" into your games of Don't Look Back! This VHS  expansion features a terrifying gingerbread monster, blending nostalgic thrills with new-age terror as well as a brand new playable character "Jacque the Baker". This Christmas themed expansion is perfect for quick, engaging play sessions. 

This is a VHS Killer expansion for Don’t Look Back. These expansions are designed to expand upon the content in the DLB Core Rulebook. A Copy of this rulebook is required to use this expansion. 

This collectors VHS comes with 
- 1 Resin Crused Creation Killer Miniature
- 1 Resin Jacque the Baker Miniature
- 1 Jacque Character Card
- 1 New Killer Visage
1 New Plot card
- Bases are supplied

Please note that these miniatures will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues.  We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting resin miniatures.

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