The Arklight Metro - Limited Bundle



The hollow echo of trains arriving, the trash and rats piled in corners, and the distinct smell of urine all help to make up the list of things people in Midnight City loathe about their subway system. Carrying over 10 million riders annually, the Arklight Metro System is the envy of most other developed cities (except the trash, urine and the rats). Sporting over 450 stations and branching into Upstate and Millers Island, the system's main flaw is that it's constantly in a state of disrepair.

Our Arklight Metro Kits come pre-painted and ready to assemble, it features printed easy to use peel and stick graphics (Check the descriptions for more info)

Each kit is designed to work with all the other kits in the range. The modular design makes it easy to construct a massive subway complex with as much detail as you want! These kits are scaled for use in 40mm games, but can be easily used for 32-28mm

In this bundle of 32 kits, you will receive:

1x Turnstile Room

1x Long Corridor

1x Half Straight Corridor

1x Corner

4x Long Platforms

6x Track Sections

4x Center Corridor

6x Escalators

6x Dead Ends

1x Subway Car

1x Stairs

- Printed sticker sheets are included but to not come pre-cut. 

You can assemble this kit without the stickers and use the standard engraved parts instead. 

This bundle covers an area between a 3x3 and a 4x4 foot board. And can be arranged in hundreds of different configurations!

All of the Arklight Metro kits come with top and bottom clips as well as laser cut holes for 1/4″ magnets (magnets not included)

Other kits and miniatures are not included.

Colors may vary slightly from photos, Assembly required.

Due to issues with manufacturing the sticker sheets. The sheets will no longer come pre-cut. You will need to cut them out yourself. 

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