The Baghdad Hotel

SKU: WRZ#2100


This once proud hotel is deep in the heart of the well-traveled international district. Often playing host to journalists, officials, and delegates of many varied origins, the hotel is often targeted because of its deep and long lasting ties to the western governments.

This building is designed to be multi-use, it could be used for as a hotel, a residential space, an office or even a local government building. With removable floors, stairs and working doors…We have packed this building full of awesome details and add-ons.

This building is back! And now with an improved design (And cheaper price) We have made some adjustments to this kit to bring it in line with our current design styles. We also have removed the internal stairs and replaced it with an elevator shaft. We went with some darker colors too, this makes it stand out a bit more from the other lighter color Arabia buildings. 

One important aspect of this buildings design is the modular floors, you can purchase additional floors and stack them as high as you want!

This is a 28mm building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! You'll need to print any graphics yourself and glue those on, you can find them in the kits instructions.

This massive building is 11"x11"x 10" approx.

Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.

This product will ship in a couple of weeks.

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