The Miller Residence



Nobody knows what happened to Mr Miller. Only the wrecked bones of his house remain, sitting on one of the more dangerous sides of The Haven, its become a local hunting ground for the waste scrappers and slave collectors that roam these parts.

This kit is a re-hash of our very popular Browne Family Farm (with some different colours and details). Built in that classic North American style, it would be home on any gaming table playing modern or historical games.  We designed this building for using in This Is Not a Test, but its perfect for using in games such as, Mantics The Walking Dead, Batman or any historical 28mm game.

This is a 28mm scale building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! Features working doors, removable floors and roof! (the only thing youll need to do by hand is paint or colour in the exposed supports/wood)

Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.


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