The Old Workshop

SKU: HVN#1004



Once part of a sprawling industrial estate called industria. This building is all that's left standing. Now used by travelers and bandits as a shelter while passing through, its become a landmark for people searching for the zone known as "The Haven"

This kit is designed to represent an old run down workshop, barn or industrial building, it would be home on any gaming table playing modern or historical games.  We designed this building for using in This Is Not a Test, but its perfect for using in games such as, Mantics The Walking Dead, Batman or any modern 28mm game.

This is a 28mm scale building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! Features a removable roof!

Please be advised that this product has undergone some slight design changes and may vary from the photos shown 

Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.

Colors may vary slightly from photos


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