The Sundered Empire




The Sundered Empire remains the last vestige of a once powerful nation. Now home to bandits, vagabonds, and monsters, these decrepit walls hide ramshackle fortifications and the allure of treasure in their crumbling shadows.

We've worked with Sean Sutter, the creator of Relicblade, to construct a modular set of terrain that works flawlessly with his beautiful game. Inside this prepainted bundle, you'll find over 90 elements that can be combined in an almost endless series of battlefields that will take your games to the next level. While we designed this set to fill a 2x2 board, the sheer amount of terrain can easily fill a 3x3 if you'd prefer to venture forth onto a bigger battlefield.

In this kit you will receive:

1x Large 9x9 inch Foundation
1x Medium 9x4.5 inch Foundation
2x Small 4.5x4.5 inch Foundation
2x Long Platforms
5x Short Platforms
2x Platform Ramps
4x Half-Height Platforms
2x Arch-bridge Ends
2x Arch-bridge Middles
8x Corner Caps
2x Ruined Wall Corner Caps
1x Watchtower
2x Doors
2x Trapdoors
1x Grate
2x Wood Stairs
4x Short Ladders
2x Long Ladders
2x Long Walkways
2x Medium Walkways
4x Short Walkways
20x Walkway Railings
1x Yak Cart
5x Doublewide Crates
12x Small Crates
2x Tables
2x Broken Tables
6x Rubble piles
Various Rubble Scatter
Various Wood Scatter

Other kits and miniatures are not included.

Colors may vary slightly from photos, assembly required.


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