Tobiuo Jetta




Now a dated model, the Tobiuo Jetta was Japans answer to the flying car boom of the 2030s. Rugged and no-nonsense this mini people mover was once a common site on all levels of Zaibatsu.

This vehicle is designed for 28-32mm scaled miniatures. They are cast in high quality resin and come unassembled and unpainted.

In this product you will receive 1 resin vehicle. This product does not come with any sort of flight stand, we have glued it to a 32mm base.

Please note that these miniatures will require  assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues. We STRONGLY recommend that you have prior experience with the following aspects of resin kits.
-Assembling/priming resin vehicle kits.
- Heating and bending warped parts
- Cleaning mold lines and sanding parts. Always wear a mask when sanding resin

Model painted by Doug Cundall

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