Triad Breacher - Preorder

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Triad was one of the first sub-agencies to form within TBP. While it boasts the name Triad it is actually formed by former members of many of Asia’s different crime families now working together within TBP. Usually, Triad will take Operations that allow them to operate within Asia, but they will take Operations that meet precise guidelines anywhere in the world. Triad will not take an Operation that directly targets a Triad member's crime family. Members of Triad are traditionally known for focusing on CQB with a focus on melee weapons and sidearms but train with all manner of weapon systems. 

This product includes

  • 1 Triad Breacher miniature (base supplied)
  • This product is made from high quality resin
This product is part of the Breacher pre-order event. Orders containing this item will not ship until fulfillment starts. For more information on when this item will be shipping, check the main Breacher page and scroll down to the FAQ.

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