Violent Dark - First Encounter Bundle



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This Bundle includes all the rules items you'll need to get started

  • Violent Dark rulebook (PDF Included)

  • Choice of Cover type!
  • Token Sheet
  • Threat Cards
  • Crew Sheet Notepad
  • Crew Pack Alpha Miniatures
  • Multipart Xeno Miniatures




What's in the core rulebook?

  • Create a Crew. In Violent Dark, you will create four crew awakened by the I.S.S. computer system to face a threat deep within a corporate facility or on the surface of an alien world. Over time, if the crew survives, you can earn and spend reputation to grow your crew members. But remember, don’t get too attached,  the crew is a corporate resource that comes and goes in the vastness of The Dark! 

  • Mission Creation. You will randomly generate your crew’s mission or choose from some or all the different elements to create your mission! Games of Violent Dark play on a 2’x2’ play area.

  • Planetary and Facility Play. Violent Dark has rules to cover whatever type of setting you want to play on, from the exotic surface of a distant planet to the depths of a corporate seeder ship, or a mix of the two. The rules have you covered! Players can use whatever terrain they want! 

  • Threat Cards. All of the Threat Cards for Threats can be found in the book and online! In the core rules, players will face off against a procedurally controlled Threat.

  • Player Threats. Want to play as the Threat and hunt down the crew yourself? You totally can! 

  • Cards and References. Inside the book, you'll also find pages with all the cards and reference materials to cover generating your Crew and Threat reference!

  • How does Violent Dark play? Violent Dark plays over a number of turns set by the Mission being played. Each turn, players will run through the I.S.S. Phase, Threat Phase, and finally the Crew Phase. As Crew activate they will have two Action Points to spend. Skill Checks set a specific TN that needs to be met or exceeded by a relevant skill die. Skill dice in Violent Dark are represented by different polyhedral dice from D6 to D12. In addition to modifiers to the die roll, the type of die used can also be changed as different situations unfold on the tabletop. 


What you need to play a game of Violent Dark - New Frontier

  • You can play Violent Dark straight out of the rulebook! This book contains all the reference material to get started. In addition, you need the following items.

    • D20, D12, D10, D8,  and D6 dice.

    • A 2’x2’ playing area with an assortment of terrain 

    • A Miniature to represent the Threat

    • Some Crew miniatures (4 - 6 is a good number to have on hand)

Scale and Size Info: Violent Dark is designed to be played with 28-32mm miniatures and terrain. 



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