Wittle Goblin - Limited Collector's Miniature



Because of the unique style of this product, this item is going to be limited to only 100 copies.

Welcome to the very first standalone BSS X WITTY collab! We are so thrilled to be working with our good friend Wittle Goblin on her first limited collector's drop. With every purchase of this miniature, you are directly supporting Witty!

Who is Witty?

In this product, you will receive the following items

  • 1 Wittle Goblin Model (stands in at ~100mm tall.
  • 1 Collectable Witty Poker Card (1 of 4 random art styles will be placed in each box)
  • 2 Witty and BSS themed stickers!
  • Special Collector's Box 2.5" x 2.5" x 5"
  • Model Stand Included!
  • A 20% off BSS discount coupon

[MODEL NOTE] This resin model will be 3D printed in house on our resin printers. Our team will remove the print from the supports and QC each item before packing.

[PREORDER NOTE] This item is a pre-order and will be shipping in the next few weeks. Any orders containing this item will not ship until this is ready. 

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