YAFSIGA - Yafsedi Claimwalker Acolytes



Their noble ancestors banished from the kingdom of Yafseo generations ago for crimes lost to time, the Yafsedi Claimwalkers return from the salt flats of the Silent Claim to pay respects to their vanished kin. Shrouded in their flowing robes, the Yafsedi strike into the Bloomsreach to consecrate former towns and villages of Yafseo. Trespassers upon their ancestral lands commit sacrilege in the eyes of the Yafsedi, and will be swiftly dealt with.

The release of the Yafsedi Claimwalkers brings three new archetypes to the core rulebook: The wise Ascetic Ace archetype, the graceful Dervish Solo archetype, and the studious Acolyte Squad archetype.

This product includes

  • 3 Yafsedi Claimwalker Acolytes miniatures cast in resin 
  • Bases are provided


An eldritch phenomena called the Bloom has swiftly brought cataclysm to the kingdom of Yafseo, leaving behind ruins and silence amidst an eerie Eternal Spring. Daring and desperate bands of adventurers, mercenaries, and sellswords now strike out into these crumbling vestiges of Yafseo. They clash against their rivals to secure treasure, knowledge, and territory in this perilous no-man’s land know as "The Bloomsreach"

Each player has the complete freedom to build the warband of their imagination using Yafsiga's roster system. Blending the line between Wargame and Roleplaying Game, players will stat out their profiles with as many bonuses they can afford and weapons they can muster.  
Want to learn more? You can watch part 1 of our learn-to-play series here.

After you've played standalone games with friends and foes alike, dive into narrative play with Yafsiga's campaign system, offering points of origin and motives for your warbands with unique reward and injury tables and memorable merchants to visit between skirmishes. Play a simple three-act arc in a day, or prolong your campaigns into a larger narrative with your friends as your warbands grow in renown across the Bloomsreach and beyond.

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