YAFSIGA - Shores of the Bloomsreach


As the dust settles from the chaos caused by the Bloom, intrepid warbands land on the banks of the Bloomsreach's western shores in search of fortune, fame, and knowledge. Unlikely alliances will be formed, vengeance will be dealt, and answers to the mysteries of the Bloomsreach will be sought in this campaign expansion for Yafsiga. Inside this book, you will find:

  • New lore about the Western Shore, a point of ingress into the Bloomsreach teeming with opportunity and danger.
  • An all-new map-based Narrative Play system, weaving area control with narrative progression across multiple games.
  • New Upgrades, Gear, and Spells to give your warband to help them survive the dangers of the Western Shores.
  • Meet and recruit Icons of the Bloomseach, new bespoke character profiles that pack a punch... for a price.

The Shores are calling...

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