Surviving the Cataclysm

Demons and Monsters roam the land...

Late in the 1500s, an event, dubbed by its survivors as The Cataclysm, rocked the world to its core. It altered the path of human history forever.

Somewhere in mainland Japan a portal was opened, and shook the ground as the foundation of the world was ripped apart. Through the gaping hole climbed creatures thought to be myth. After years of suffering at the hands of these demons, several ancient martial schools banded together in an effort to defeat the enemy.

The Rules and Mechanics

Hametsu is a solo / co-op (1-4) monster hunting game set in post-apocalyptic feudal Japan. You take on the role of Hunters, warriors trained to fight back against a tide of Oni demons and mythical creatures let loose by The Cataclysm.

Each game of Hametsu sees the Hunters seeking out a mythical beast known as a Boss, and attempting to take it down. At the beginning of the game, the Hunters will be in stealth and wandering Oni will not be aware of their presence. Once the alarm has been raised, the Oni will pursue and target the Hunters until the Boss is found. Then it's up to the Hunters to be the last ones standing.

Hametsu uses standard d6’s for performing tests and saves. Hunters all have stats that govern how many d6 are rolled to perform certain actions. A roll of 4+ is a success. Score enough of those, and you will cast a spell, deal damage, or shrug off a hit.



Create a Hunter and choose from nine different classes spread among three different schools, all with unique abilities, spells, and playstyles. As you level up, choose new abilities and stats based on your class specific Path of Legend.



Hametsu encourages players to track progress from game to game, growing their Hunters and expanding their narrative story. Designed from the ground up for campaign play, dive in to randomly generated scenarios, or fight through the first narrative campaign, The Wolf and the Devil.

The Miniatures

Hametsu is designed to be miniature agnostic, meaning you can use whatever minis you have or find that fit how you want to play. However, we have produced a line of high quality, 32mm miniatures designed specifically for Hametsu. This line of miniatures is designed and cast here in the USA, and is of the same caliber as the previous Black Site projects.

We here at Black Site are committed to expanding the range of miniatures for this system well into the future. If you’ve supported our other endeavors, you know that we are passionate about getting unique, premium sculpts into the hands of gamers and hobbyists.