High Quality Wargaming Products Made in the U.S.A.



Q: How long will my order take to arrive after its shipped?

  • UPS Ground normally takes between 5-7 days
  • UPS International is often 10-12 Days
  • USPS Priority mail is 10-12 Days
  • USPS to Canada is 12-15 Days

Q: Why didn’t I get an email confirmation?

A: Our system will send out an automated email whenever you place and order, or when your order ships. Please not that if you use Hotmail it will prevent any of our emails getting through and you’ll need to manually log in and check the status of your order or contact us here

Q: Do you ship to APO/AFO Addresses?

A: Unfortunately we don’t. This is due to the fact that we use UPS for all domestic and Canadian shipping (and they don’t service APOs)  If you want to see about our APO shipping rates you can contact us here

Q: UPS/Fedex is telling me I owe them money in order to release my shipment.? What gives??

A: UPS and Fedex will charge a brokerage fee upon arrival in some countries, this is NOT something we have control over. If you return or refuse your shipment you will be refunded the price of the kits MINUS any shipping costs and fees we are charged.  Please understand this when ordering to addresses outside the USA.

Q: What does back ordered mean? I placed an order and want to know how long it will take to ship.

A: Backordered means we dont have any of those kits currently in stock. Normally it will take a couple of weeks to get things cut, packed and shipped out if we’re busy, but please note that if we are experiencing high order volumes, additional delays can happen. We always try our best to keep lead times down as much as possible, but we process shipments in the order they are received. If you have any questions you can contact us here

Q: What shipping services do you use?

A: We use UPS for all our USA and Canadian shipping and a combination of FedEx,USPS&UPS for our international shipments

Q: Where can I find my tracking #

A: Currently our system doesn’t allow us to automatically send tracking info to you. However, if you need the number, contact us and we’ll get it for you.

Q: Why don’t you ship to my country?!?

A: Currently we are only able to ship to a small range of countries. As our company grows, this may change.

Q: My order has arrived and it’s damaged!!! My order never arrived!

A: Oh no! Don’t worry though! Just contact us and we’ll sort it out with you. It’s very important that you keep the box and take photos prior to opening. We will have to run a claim through UPS and these photos help! We cannot and WILL NOT issue a refund unless you provide us with photos of any damaged products as well as the damaged box.

If your order has gone missing, we will need to make sure to contact the shipping service and follow their guidelines on missing mail. We will always work with you to sort out a replacement or a refund where possible.

If you have provided us with an incorrect address we will not be responsible for issuing any refunds or replacement items. You will need to take it up with the shipping carrier.

The claim process can take 10-15 Days. We are unable to ship any replacements or issue refunds until the process has been completed.

Q: I dont want to pay the high shipping fees, I have a friend/I am visiting the USA, can I have items shipped to me while im in the country. 

A: Sure! We can ship things to anywhere in the USA. However if you have any issues with your order (missing parts, broke/damaged items etc) we cannot ship them to you at your international location. You will need to cover the shipping costs yourself.


Q: I’m missing a part! I found an issue while assembling one of your kits!

A: Sometimes things get left out or we have an issue with a kit we didn’t catch before sending it out into the world. If this happens, and you have any issues with one of our products, contact us and we will 100% make it right!

Q: My kit didn’t come with instructions? What gives bro?

A: We choose to host all our instructions online here. This is simply to save a bit of money and make it easier for people to access them before they buy (so they can see how complex a kit is).

Q: I want to stock your items in my store! Can I?

A: YES! We have a complete wholesale system, just contact us and we’ll get you set up!

Q: Can you please make (insert idea here)!

A: We LOVE getting requests or ideas from our customers. Send us a message and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Q: Can I buy a kit unpainted?

A: Currently we don’t sell any of our kits unpainted.


Q: How can I use these files?

Print and use them at home, dont sell the file, dont send it to your friends, dont upload it to anywhere else on the internet.
– Dont sell the files
– Dont Sell Prints
– Dont alter the files in any way
– Dont Print and sell casts

Q: Can I upload or send your files off to a 3rd party printing company

A: Unfortunately, no. This is a really tricky one for us since a lot of you dont have printers at home. Right now, our files are for personal HOME use only. This means you may not contract an outside printing company to print them for you. Even if its your bestest buddy in the world and hes doing it for free.

Q: Can I print and sell your files?

A: Yep! We offer a commercial printing license which will allow you to print and sell physical copies of most of our 3d printed products 🙂 Contact us for more info.

Q: My kit didn’t come with instructions? What gives bro?

A: We dont do instructions for 3D printed products

Q: I ordered this digital product by mistake, refund me! 

A: No can do. Due to the nature of digital products we cant refund any purchases that contain stl files. Even if you placed it by accident. We have made it very clear on every product that its a digital file only.

Q: What printer should I use

A: Most of our files state what type of printers are best used, our buildings are designed for FDM printers and our Furniture are designed for resin printers.


Q: What are your miniatures made from?
A: All our miniatures are cast in high quality resin

Q: Do they require assembly?
A: Some do, and some dont. Almost all our miniatures will need some cleanup to remove minor flash and sprues. We also recommend washing them before painting to remove any mold release.

Q: Do they come painted?
A: Nope!

Q: Is the resin safe?
A: Resin is a great material and is generally safe. However when removing mold lines or sanding the miniatures you must wear a mask!