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UPDATE 10 – 10/08

Almost to  the finish line!!

We are almost at the end of fulfilment folks and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We have started receiving casts for a lot of the bonus (Lunar icons, vehicles etc) items this week and should be on track to start shipping out the 2nd round of items by Mid October.  Our caster is still on track to wrap up the bulk of the casting by then.

Our UK friends should be seeing their 1st packages showing up in the next week, Spectre is processing and double checking items before they go out.

This was very short update, mostly to let you all know that stuff is still moving a long VERY nicely on our end.

As always If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here 

UPDATE 09 – 9/24

ANNNNND We’re halfway done!!

A huge milestone was reached today as the final packages of core components left the warehouse! We promised you when we started this project that all core games, MDF, unmanned rovers and gifts would ship out within 6 weeks and we pretty much hit that on time. And today since we have shipped them out the door, all of these items are returning for general sale.

What about all my other stuff though?
Preorder bonus miniatures are still in production and we are (at this time) still on track for an October delivery. This means that everyone who requires it will get their second shipment sometime in Mid October. The current plan is to take delivery of all components and just ship it all out in one big massive batch.

What’s going on with UK orders ey guv’nor?
Our original plan was to wait until October to ship out all UK orders, but we’ve decided to get them sent out now at no extra cost to you. Any folks with a UK preorder will be seeing their core game ship out from our friends at Spectre miniatures in the next week or so. You will then get a follow up shipment in late October with your additional items (if you require them)

I’ve not gotten any tracking number or shipping info?
Your tracking email will come from shipstation and have your UPS or USPS info in it, if you didn’t get an email you can contact us. Please not that tracking info is taking DAAAAAYS to update properly at the moment for some packages.

There’s also handful of international orders that have decided to hold off until all the parts of their Lunar order can be shipped in one consolidated package. IF you’re one of those people and have changed your mind, let us know! Otherwise we’ll keep ahold of your slips until the time comes in a few weeks to get them out the door!

As always If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here 

UPDATE 08 – 9/17

Wheeeeew, we’ve been busy little astronauts this past couple of weeks!

Shipping  continues ramping up this week with a fairly large block of core games and MDF kits heading out. We are currently on track to finish all these first wave shipments next week. We have been super thrilled to see so many of you posting pics of your games and minis!

Preorder bonus miniatures are in production currently and we are still on track for an October delivery. This means that everyone who requires it will get their second shipment sometime in early to Mid October. If this changes at all we’ll be sure to update you. We have started getting some test casts into the shop this week, we are SUPER happy with how well these turned out.


Australian Shipping 
USPS has completely stopped ALL shipments to Australia. We are looking into if we have had any affected packages but those will be returned to us and will need to be re-shipped via UPS instead. Its possible we’ll need to invoice some additional shipping charges to cover this, but if the amount of packages ends up being minimal we’ll try and wear that cost ourselves.

As always If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here 

UPDATE 07 – 9/3

A very short update this week.

Shipping and packing has continued this week, albeit at a slower than last week with only a handful of orders going out. We’re waiting on some new heat shrinking equipment to arrive which is set to get in on the 9/7, even though not many orders went out this week the terrain production is still moving at full pace though, as are the miniatures!

Next weeks shipment should be heading out by 9/9 or 9/10 and it’ll include another much larger block of orders. 

We’re giving everyone Monday (9/6) off for Labor day so we can all chill before the madness starts again.

A couple of notes for folks waiting.

-We’ve had a few people report that they never received a tracking number for their order, we’re actively looking into a fix for this and it should be resolved for next weeks batch.

-The other important thing is that we aren’t able to give people exact examples of when their order will ship or which batch it’ll be in, this is mostly due to the sheer volume of orders on launch night (even though you may think you’re at the front of the queue, you’ve probably got MANY people ahead of you)

As always If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here 

UPDATE 06 – 8/25

Probably the MOST important update to read.

Today we are starting LUNAR fulfilment. What does this mean for you? It means we’ve begun the process of shipping items to people!

“All the items you say?” Nope! Make sure you read on and find out how this will work.

First up, not everyone ordered Lunar on the first day, so some of you will be waiting a few weeks yet until you get a tracking number.

When your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information. If you don’t have an email your order hasn’t shipped yet. 

We won’t be giving out individual ETA’s on orders since there’s far to many to sift through, however as soon as product arrives from the caster the team boxes more up and they’ll go out.

It has always been our intention to start shipping the Lunar core boxes as soon as possible (We reeeeeeally want you playing as soon as possible and not waiting by the mailbox). Each week we will see batches of Lunar core games start to ship out that include the following items.

-Lunar Core Box
-Unmanned Rover Expansion
-Moon Base Delta Terrain kit
-Mining Scaffolding Terrain Kit
-Lunar Gaming Mat
-Uotler the Space Doggo
-MKII Lustron Astronaut

If you’ve forgotten what your tier list comes with, you can check them out with the links below.
Tier 1 – Lunar Core Game
Tier 2 – Lunar Captain
Tier 3 – All in 
Tier 3 – All in (Earlybird)

What about preorder bonuses and other items?

Preorder bonuses and other items are still in production and WONT be shipping for a while yet. We don’t have a concrete timeline on those since the caster is running all the core components right now. As soon as we can get dates solidified on those we’ll let you know!

We are aiming to ship the remaining items as a single second shipment once completed.

The following free bonus items are still in production:
-Deluxe Resource Tokens
-Lunar Icon Stephanie’s Fury
-Lunar Icon Deke Resnik
-Lunar Icon Vladimir Miskin
-Lunar Icon Zai Yang
-Lunar Icon Lilian Gates
-Weapon and Greeble Sprues
-Extra weapon cards

If you made an additional purchase for the following items, these will be shipped with the above free items once they’re in our hands (aiming for end of sept/October)
-ROC Taikonauts Faction Expansion
-Freelancers Faction Expansion
-Lunar Vehicles Expansions

I am in the EU, Canada, Mars and don’t want to pay double taxes.
As we’ve said on streams many times, we are sending out an email to all our Non-USA buyers and they’ll be able to let us know if they want to split ship or hold off for one single box when all the preorder bonus products are ready. To put it simply for you:

Split ship = double packages and potentially double import fees/taxes from your country
Hold off for one shipment = one consolidated package with your entire order

We will not be charging any additional shipping costs for buyers who choose split ship. We have ZERO control over what taxes/fees you get charged by your government.

UK Orders
We’ll be bundling all of the UK orders and preorder bonuses up into a single shipment when the products are ready to go. Our good friends at Spectre Miniatures are handling the local UK fulfilment for us. The trade off for our UK mates is that you’ll need to wait a bit longer but you’ll not get charged any local taxes or fees and can benefit from much cheaper shipping 😉

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here 

UPDATE 05 – 8/20

We’re in the thick of it nowwww…..
Things have been moving VERY fast since our last updated. To give you an idea of where fulfilment is at.

As of 8/20 we have taken delivery of ALL of the following items
– Core game cards
– Core rulebooks
– Hazard Dice
– Regular Dice
– Token Sheets
– Product Boxes
– Space Doggos
– MKII Spaceman

We have taken partial delivery of the following items
– Gaming Mats
– Core Miniatures
– Preorder bonus cards (all of them but the freelancer cards have arrived)

The follow items are currently being manufactured
– Preorder bonus miniatures
– Preorder unlock miniatures and vehicles
– MDF Terrain (first run is complete)

So what’s the next step? Shipping things right? We are getting to the point that we feel pretty confident in saying that fulfilment will start next week (8/23). Our caster is shipping miniatures in batches each week so we’ll simply run things in groups and ship them out as we get them in. Orders will be processed in a first-come first-served fashion and preorder bonuses will ship at a later date.

We’ll be posting another update on Sunday 8/29 with a more in-depth look at fulfilment and how it’ll play out over the next few weeks! Until then, if you were one of the first ones to place an order, you should be recieving a shipment confirmation email very soon!

Oh and we got everyone a really nice pin too 😉

Ben & Connor

UPDATE 04 – 8/7

Welp. You guys have done it.

You’ve exhausted all the extras that Ben and I have at what we consider a “production possible” point, and man, we couldn’t be more happy about it! The chinese, vehicles, icons, and freelancers were all in a state where we could polish the rules, print the minis, and get them into production in a timely manner.

While we have a lot of ideas of where we would want Lunar to go, none of them are at a point where we feel confident that we could get them to you without an unreasonably long wait. Part of the core idea of a Backroom project is getting these products into your hands ASAP. So, with that in mind, we’re gonna call the bonuses goals where they’re at.

Let us just say another, very emphatic, THANK YOU. To everyone who has backed this project so far. It’s given us a great feeling about the Backroom initiative that we’ve started, and while we’re smashing out the rest of production and delivery of Lunar over the next few weeks, we’re going to be hashing out what the next Backroom project will be.

As of writing this message, the Freelancer sculpts are done and on the way to the caster to get mass produced. We honestly didn’t think it would hit this point – kudos to ya’ll! There’s still two days to go as well, so who knows what the final tally will end up being here!

Make sure to join the Lunar Facebook group here and also our discord here! If you haven’t seen the posts about the little freebies you’re getting that werent even listed (things like stickers and patches), you’re missing out. There may even be another something like that if we hit 40k, but we’ll keep that one a surprise for now. (no, they aren’t Marines in Space)

UPDATE 03 – 7/27

Woah now! You folks must really love space stuff! We finally broke that 20k mark and unlocked the vehicle expansion! AND we still have plenty of time left to unlock more fun stuff.

We have been very hard at work this past week wrapping up a lot of the extra preorder bonuses and getting those into production. As well as the Chinese faction (Playtesters are giving their final suggestions this week)


Vehicles are starting to fly off the printer and out the door to the caster. Enjoy a bit of a sneak peak at some of the other kits. We are currently getting the vehicle expansion finalized and hope to have it online to purchase later this week, but we didn’t want to just throw it out there without considering a few gameplay and product choices.

Make sure to join the Lunar Facebook group here and also our discord here!

UPDATE 02 – 7/23


We’re just three days in and have already had to scramble to get the pre-order bonuses up and online for all you beautiful spacepeople. This Lunar Launch is still chugging along nicely, and we’re beginning to feel pretty good about the potential that future Black Site Backroom projects may have!

We’re building out that Backroom page and are hoping to get it up soon. In the meantime, we’re already cracking down and getting some sculpting, manufacturing, and products going that ya’ll have all smashed through and unlocked over the beginning of this process. The ROC Taikonauts are also getting the polishing pass on their faction specific item – which should be a pretty versatile and fun addition. Should have an image of that to share with everyone soon!

Token sheets did in fact arrive and the DLB orders that were waiting on them went out the door. The Lunar tokens were in this batch already, so those are all good to go well before any shipping needs to occur.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 7-24) Ben and I are going to start putting together our crews for a bit of a campaign that we’ll be going through over the next few weeks over at twitch.tv/bssterrain. If you want to get more of a feel of how we envision how the campaign process in place for Lunar plays out, that’s a great oppurtunity!

We’re also moving forward on our other videos, and should have a short guide on how to easily (and cheaply) build your own Lunar game board up soon. This has been a great start. Let’s keep pushing forward and get to those vehicle rules! Also – bonus free .stl of Trax the spacecat is live now.

Make sure to join the Lunar facebook group here and also our discord here!


UPDATE 01 – 7/21

Guys. Ben and I’s expectations were completely smashed over the past 12 hours. THANK YOU!

Between the excitment of the stream and utter confusion of the “technical difficulties” edition of the digital rules, we haven’t had much of a moment to reflect on much. The initial goals have been met though, which means we need to refocus and add some more! Over the next day we’re going to be sorting through all the extra Lunar stuff we’ve wanted to add and prioritzing some more bonus goals.

As for the current goals unlocked, we’ve got those sorted and talked to our caster about getting them into production. While they most likely will be shipped as a secondary package after the core boxes go out, we may pull off adding them into the initial orders if the timing is right. At the same time, we’re locking down the ROC add-on faction and sorting out the ‘free shipping’ so that everyone can add that on to their current orders if they want to. We’ll make a post when that faction is available later today.

Just like the USA and USSR, the ROC will come with the 5 multipart astronauts, their unit cards, and some alt weapon sprues. We’re not going to say just what kind of new and different weapons theyre going to come with just yet –  but we’re really excited at the opportunity to expand the item ecosystem in a substantial way.

Alright! We’ve got a few hundred pounds of token sheets about to hit our doorstep, and we need to do some housekeeping regarding those Don’t Look Back Core boxes as a result, so we better get to it. Once again, thank you for the support! We’re beyond pumped for thee day-one results so far and excited to keep pushing Lunar over the course of its 20-day flight trajectory!

Make sure to join the Lunar facebook group here and also our discord here!