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Building Battlefields for Compelling Skirmishes

Written by Doug Cundall

Skirmish games provide small scale, personal, and story driven battles. Deeper rules for things like cover and concealment mean terrain placement can make or break the scenario. Here are three universal concepts for creating fun and balanced casual skirmishes. Now I suppose we should lead with a disclaimer: These concepts are for CASUAL skirmish games, and should be taken with a grain of salt if playing competitive tournament style games such as Bushido and Kill Team.



Creating ZAIBATSU Or….
Cyberpunk Kits, BSS Goals, and an overly-complicated analysis of our thought process to turn on a laser.
By Connor Erickstad

We’re a young company. While we’ve been making terrain for around 5 years now, the whole laser-cut, pre-painted, and (somewhat) mass-produced kits have only been around for about a year. Ben and I (Connor) had been working together for quite a while before we decided to start Black Site Studios and dive headfirst into a life of burned MDF and shrink wrap. Part of reasoning for starting our own company was that we wanted to be in control of the whole process. (more…)

Creating the War Zone

Written by Ben Galbraith

I thought since we have a blog now, I’d start writing the odd post about what all goes into a new collection of terrain. And with us having just launched our War Zone Arabia collection this week, its the perfect chance to give you all a small insight into how we go about getting a product onto the store.


Building and Painting the A.R.K.

Written By Adam Huenecke

Congratulations on your entrance into the A.R.K. program! With the help of dedicated patriots like yourself, we will be certain that our company’s values carry on despite any future threats of total annihilation.