The Great BSS Move of 2022

Big Things Are Coming!

Wow! Its finally time for our long planned move from Lubbock to Waco. If you've followed us on our socials, or watched any of our twitch streams you'd know that this has been a long time in the making for us!

We started this company a few years ago now, and boy has it exploded! When we started Black Site, we had a tiny run down garage in Dallas with one single laser cutter. In 2018 we moved the company to Lubbock (while Connors wife finished her residency) rented a modist warehouse, got some nicer lasers and really started to hit our stride.

But its time for a new chapter!

This month we are relocating the company to a brand new 10,000 sqf warehouse in Waco (Elm Mott to be precise) This move is going to be a general expansion of our company and our day to day operations too! This inludes the purchase of new laser cutters, paint equipment and anything that will help us keep up with demand.

As many of you know though, moving is a stressfull and involved process. We are not only moving our entire company, but 2 staff memebers are also moving with us that adds more complexity to the mix!

What this Means for You Though?

You're asking what does this all mean for you and your wonderful toys?

Not a whole lot really! The business is still open and running. We won't be shutting down completely and packages will still ship out. The ONLY thing we ask is that you keep a bit of patience in mind while we get through this move. Orders may take a bit longer to ship out and we might take longer to reply to some emails.

Nothing will be missed, forgotten or ignored though. Its still the same core team handeling the day to day operations and we'll try our best to make sure we take care of you all.

As always, if you need anything at all you can reach out to us via our contact page!

Best Regards

The BSS Team